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Specialized Products for Precasters

Here are the main stays of our expanding product line.

Form Release Agents

Cresset Release Agents provide a  Non-toxic, non-flammable, oil-based or water-based formula to provide quick release of form surfaces from wet or dry cast poured concrete.

Manhole & Pipe Gaskets

BestFitt manufactures a wide range of gaskets to seal all manhole and pipe joints of virtually any size. Whether round, confined o-ring groove, single offset, or tongue and groove.

Pure Lube 400

A non toixic biodegradable lube designed for lubricating slip-on or "O" Ring type joints without harming rubber or plastic gaskets. It adheres to both wet or dry surfaces and is a subaqueous lubricant. No taste or odor is transferred to fluids in pipe system.

Welcome to

We welcome you to the new BestFitt, formally BestFitt Gasket Co. Inc. Here's where you can find specialized products for precasters. Our goals ahead are about product expansion, online ordering, and continued customer service and support. 

As we build our new website, please contact us for any product inquiries or technical questions.

About BestFitt Products
In 1984, while Steve Jobs was introducing his first MacIntosh computer to the world, the Davis family of BestFitt Gasket opened its doors to the local precast industry. Since then, contractors have installed hundreds of thousands of BestFitt gaskets in concrete manholes and pipe. We welcome you to the new BestFitt as we focus on product expansion, online ordering, and continued customer service and support. As we build our new website, please contact us for any product inquiries or technical questions.

BestFitt Products

Shope Concrete Products

"Our company has relied on BestFitt to supply all our profile and o-ring gasket needs for over 25 years. Customer service has always been excellent. If an issue ever arises, we're taken care of right away."

-General Manager, 2016

Columbia Precast Products

"BestFitt Products has been a trusted partner in the PNW for precast concrete manufacturers for many years.  Their leadership understands the value in building relationships with their clients and how important their role as a trusted,  reliable supplier plays in our ability to supply a quality product to our customers."

-General Manager, 2020

Cascade Concrete Products

"BestFitt Gasket has been a great vendor of ours from our first day in 1987. They continue to provide us with great products and trustworthy service to this day. They supply us with our o-ring and flat gaskets for our pipe and mastic and joint wrap for our manholes. We look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come."

-General Manager, 2020

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BestSeal Mastic

BestSeal Mastic is a custom compounded butylbased sealant specifically designed to create a high performance seal in any precast structures such as sound walls, vaults, retaining walls, manholes, or pipe joints.